Got an idea for a new show?

We welcome new programme proposals that expand the range of what we already offer to listeners in Brighton & Hove!

RadioReverb’s aim is to offer radio that reflects Brighton and Hove’s diverse communities, interests and events. We also exist to make radio that does not sound like mainstream radio and does not replicate programmes that already exist on other local or national radio services.

We are looking for:

  • Speech-based shows that reflect Brighton and Hove’s diverse communities, interests and events
  • Speech-based shows that are made by, and for, people currently under-represented on radio by virtue of gender, race, sexuality, ability or age
  • Music and / or speech-based shows that focus on specific subjects or genres which are not currently represented either in RadioReverb’s output or on mainstream radio
  • People who have listened to RadioReverb’s output and like what we do

We are not looking for:

  • Syndicated shows or programmes made outside the Sussex area
  • Single interview podcast style-programmes
  • Proposals based around ‘eclectic record collections’
  • Proposals by people whose mates have told them they’re funny and ‘should be on the radio’

If you’ve got the ideas but not the skills or experience, don’t worry, we can provide initial training and support to get you your own show broadcasting on 97.2FM.

As we are a not for profit radio station please note that our presenters are asked to contribute to broadcast costs or secure sponsorship for the sustainability of the radio station. Current fees are available on request.

Thank you to our supporters: