The Modern Rock Show

Richard Sheldrake Modern Rock Show

The Modern Rock Show with Richard Sheldrake.

Richard is a jobbing guitarist who has been playing in bands of varying degrees of minor to no success for many years, from 60s Reggae legends Symarip, to 80s post punk favourites Serious Drinking via 90s cult punk popsters Big Boy Tomato.

Richard’s weekly show features the latest modern rock releases as well as the odd rock classic thrown in for context.  He is very excited by the music scene in Brighton and the wider South Coast, so will be on the lookout for tracks from local performers to play on the show.  He will be happy to mention any upcoming gigs that he hears about.

As Richard says;

“Brighton has an astonishing depth of rock music talent, with an amazing range of venues available to showcase this talent, I’m looking forward to playing some of the very best on my show.”

The Modern Rock show is Tuesdays 14:00, Wednesdays 18:00, Saturdays 08:00 and Mondays at midnight.

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