Refugee Radio

Refugee Radio is a programme produced by local charity, Refugee Radio. The programme aims to give a voice to refugees and asylum seekers.

Refugee Radio provides a unique opportunity for the general public to hear refugees and asylum seekers share their stories about how they came to live in the area and how it is different from their home country. These are not the usual stories about refugees and the are not the usual stories about our area. Listeners can also hear music from different countries and cultures that the refugees brought with them in the form of their own personal “desert island discs”.

Until now the debate about asylum and immigration in the media has featured people talking about refugees but we have not heard from refugees themselves. Through the Refugee Radio programme we have started to change this. Listeners in our area are able to hear from refugees directly as they really are, not as statistics or social issues but as human beings.

Listen on the second Monday of the month at 10am, second Tuesday at 4pm, third Friday 9am and fourth Tuesday at 10am.

Registered Charity: 1133554

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