Pete Jones Show

The home of New Music in Brighton. Live sessions with local bands each and every week with Pete Jones introducing new local acts and under the radar music with a playlist solely made up of local music.

Live shows Monday 5-7pm, repeated Friday 12 noon-2pm.

Looking for sessions, gig mentions or track airplay? Please do get in touch at for instant direct access. Record a jingle for us too! More details below…

Text us on 07909 547336 – especially during the live Monday show – for a mention or general comment or message us via this page too.

Like our facebook page and follow us on twitter @petejonesshow. Thanks y’all. Tweets by @petejonesshow solely.

Thanks for all the messages and texts of support sent in, as always – very much appreciated. Despite getting booked up in advance we are always looking for new acts to feature on our show and can quite often squeeze in extra acts after the main event too if you’d like to pop by before your featured 3 track session gets booked. Thanks for all your continuing support and listenership – The Pete Jones Show first broadcast on RadioReverb on 1st April 2007, the very first day the station launched. Since then we have pretty well managed a live session every single week, featuring well over 300 local artists & rising. You know who you all are, but always great to mention as many of you as we can to show how diverse our sessions have been over the years.

So, a few of the artists, in no particular order, who have played in session for us over the years have included: Jo Harman, Dan Markland, Andy Melrose, Blues Mammoth, Homesick Mick, Songbox Band, Nelson King, Hardcore Troubour, Exactly Zero, Tina Mali, Frankie Furlow, Clipper, Satori Vibes, The Indelicates, Jack Pout, Matt Finucane, Alternate Function, The Palings with Mir Cooke, Dirty Weekend, Will Johns, Jasmine Rodgers, Nelson King, Joe Colburn, Dirty Weekend, Big World Blue, FabulousRedDiesel, Mauve People, The Real Si-B, Alternate Function, Jamie Mathias, The Close Shave, The Equatorial Group, Nick Williams, NightHouse, Holly Macve, The Speak, Patrick Naylor, Aniseed Treats, Ian Roland, Eliza Jaye, Half Hour Hotel, David Sinclair Four, Ollie Willis, The Frank Greene Band, Beth Morris, Red Butler, The Standard Lamps, StoneThief, Anderson Bell, The Galleons, Jipsy Magic, Jamie Mathias, Lonesome Heights, Antonia Redding, Jimmy Lee Morris, Choice, Matthew English, Paul Diello, Oh Captain! The Lanes, Alex Thomas, Being, Guy Garrett, Satori Vibes, Uncle Arthur, Tenderhooks, Sanity FM, Stone by Window, Simon Tilbury, Martin Lee, Simon Scardinelli, Jetglo, Paul Diello, Chris Priest, Seeker, Vern Asbury, Antonia Redding, Mike Garrett from Rise of the Ziggurat, The Electric Caretakers, Rich Swingle, Nigel Horn, Jack Evans, Carole Berger, Keats, Mhairi Lockett, Bad Mother Folker, Alan Bonner, Cockwomble, Sparrow, Wild Horse, Charlie Moss, Mike Ross, Rising Fever, Mee & The Band, Lewis McKale, Chalk Horse Music, Across the Sea, Annexe the Moon, Amongst the Pigeons, Ben Westwood, Thivya Kulara, Kev Hayley, Dan Summer, Toby Slater, Captain Lovelace, Hybrid Kid, 12 Stone Toddler, Talitha Rise, Social Skills and Sam Jones. Loads missing from this list I know, but it’s a start!!

Feel free to record us a jingle for the show too – it’ll more than likely get airplay and help promote your name too. The magic three to mention are You, The Pete Jones Show and Radio Reverb. 6-10 seconds long enough too but feel free to knock yourself out and email us whatever you have.

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