Radio Calais

Radio Calais is produced by Brighton-based activists and DJs involved in offering solidarity to communities in Calais.

It mixes music with information from the perspectives of refugee communities living in the ‘unofficial settlements’ of northern France and those working to support them. Radio Calais presents the soundscapes of everyday life of the UK Border alongside updates from organisations resisting the hostile environment and its racism.

The people who may spend weeks and sometimes months living in Calais in the hope of safe passage to the UK have often travelled from Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Kurdistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Sudan. Their traditional music features as well as the global sounds to which many migrant communities create, play and identify. But “World Music” is not separated on our show from hip hop, reggae and soul. We also shares the tunes played by activists in the warehouses of Calais where clothing, sleeping bags, tents are sorted and food is prepared. Radio Calais brings information not news.

Media narratives isolate dramatic catastrophes without explanation and present refugees as either victims or outsiders. Our project is to offer context for any current news and tell it from the perspectives of refugees and refugee solidarity sources based in Calais.

Broadcast days and times are the 4th Tuesday of the month at 1300, 1st Friday at 0900, second Monday at 1500 and the 3rd Thursday at 1500.

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