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Carousel Radio now has a new show called Meet Me in Five. Click here to find it.

Carousel Radio is an award-winning radio show and podcast produced and presented entirely by learning disabled people. It is one of the only places on the radio where you can hear the creative voice of people with a learning disability and autism. You can hear it on the first Sunday of each month at 2pm with repeats on monday at 8am and wednesday at 3pm.

Carousel Radio won the Grassroots Award at Audio Production Awards 2022, Silver in The Lovie Awards 2020, Arts and Entertainment Podcast category, and Gold at the British Podcast Awards 2018 in the Represent category.

From April 2024, Carousel Radio will present a monthly show called ‘Meet Me in Five‘ a show where we get to meet Carousel artists and friends through five songs that tell the stories of their lives.

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