Mayor Mo Marsh and Caroline Lucas MP Show Support For RadioReverb And Preserving Independent Radio

06th March 2018


Brighton and Hove Mayor Mo Marsh joined RadioReverb’s team of presenters and volunteers on Saturday 3 March to support Brighton’s community radio station’s annual fundraiser.

The ‘Reverbathon’ was a 12-hour broadcast in which, for one day only, RadioReverb’s usual schedule was scrapped, with presenters and listeners coming together to support the station live on-air. The object was to raise funds to keep RadioReverb independent, playlist-free and advert-free.

Mayor Mo Marsh attended the event at RadioReverb’s studio in Brighton’s Open Market where she praised the station’s “wonderful diverse offering which I’m going to be tuning in to more”.

She also added that local independent radio is “important to anywhere and I’m delighted our city as usual is particularly strong in this offer.

“There is no funding for RadioReverb apart from what you donate so if you want to keep your local radio station live, serving a wonderful diverse community – particularly the house bound, the vulnerable, people who can’t get out – radio is a vital link. Please, please donate!”

Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavillion, also contributed a message of support: “I will urge people very seriously in Brighton and Hove to get out there and support the Reverbathon.

“Give even just a couple of quid if you can because independent voices in the media are needed more than ever. Brighton is such an independent city – it deserves and needs good independent radio.”

Volunteers and supporters of RadioReverb raised over £2,000, through sponsorship and donations, for the community radio station during the community event.

Many local businesses supported the Reverbathon through sponsorship, including key donors such as VegFest, Brighton’s Finest, Avonside Television, Stripey Lemon, The Best Of Brighton & Hove, Flowers Unlimited, Butler’s Wines, Network My Club and The Basketmaker’s Arms.

Additional funds were raised through audience donations, online and at the Open Market based studio where volunteers exchanged pastries, cakes, mugs and tote-bags for donations while the broadcast was played on outdoor speakers. All donations and sponsorship pledges raised a total of £2,167.

All the money raised will go directly back into running the station, upgrading equipment and bringing new shows with local voices to the airwaves.

Following Juice 107.2’s recent buy-out by Global (Europe’s leading radio company who also run Capital, Heart and Classic FM) RadioReverb is likely to become increasingly important as an independent broadcaster in Brighton.

RadioReverb Director Tracey Allen said: “This year’s Reverbathon has been an incredible success, especially as the day proved how having an independent radio station supports the city, local traders, businesses and charities – and with no programming restrictions or adverts to get in the way!

“RadioReverb really is the sound of the city and the donations raised will ensure local voices are preserved in Brighton.We’d like to thank everyone who supported the Reverbathon, with donations, time, energy and enthusiasm.”

RadioReverb, as a not-for-profit station, is reliant on donations for its funding. The Reverbathon may be over but you can still support RadioReverb all year round by pledging a donation online: DONATE HERE