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“If you are involved in the world of theatre in any way, then our new Radio Reverb show ON STAGE is just for you with it’s mix of interviews, previews of forthcoming productions & of course loads of show tunes (favourites both old & new). It is our aim that the programme will follow the “Magazine format” with a distinctive medley of items that I very much hope will appeal to listeners of all ages & interests, be they a luvvie who gets a kick out of performing, another person who works away behind the scenes, or are you one of those teckie types without whom the curtain would never go up. However I would very much like ON STAGE to be our show rather than mine, so get in touch by completing the simple Contact Us online form at www.radioreverb.com & don’t forget to Tune In to Radio Reverb on 97.2FM, DAB+ & Online 12.00 Noon on Mondays & 0900 on Fridays.

On Stage is a Grey Matters production presented by Chris English.”

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