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The Kairen Kemp show features in-depth interviews and music from local musicians every month.

Kairen's worked in the music industry for many years. She's remarkably good at chatting to people, relaxing them so they forget the mic, and getting great stories out of them.  To gain insight into her guests with a lot of laughs (the famous Kemp giggle is never far away) and even the odd tear, tune in on the first Sunday of each month between 3-4pm, repeated the following Monday at 8am, Wednesday 2pm and Friday 5am. It is also available as a podcast via Podamatic.com


"A star in a bra"
" I found out more about you in that hour than I've done in six months of working alongside you"
Colleague of Woodpecker Wooliams (aka Gemma Williams who was a guest on the show)

Supported By Long Way Home Productions, a Shoreham based music and video production company, are proud to support The Kairen Kemp Show.  Phil Jones, their Head of Audio, said 'we love her monthly show, it's always lively and informative with in-depth interviews and great music' www.longwayhomeproductions.co.uk

Kairen says: “For myself I am able to produce and present an hour of programming in which I sit, chat and play music with one member of the music industry that I have chosen. No adverts and 80% chat alongside about 6 pieces of music. That simply wouldn't be considered in another radio station. I wouldn't be allowed to talk to a single guest for that length of time.  I know that the listeners love it and also that my guests relish the experience (once relaxed) and their friends and fans find out things about them that they would never have discovered in any other interview.   Radio Reverb creates great radio and I rejoice in the fact that there is no rigid identity to its output. I think it is delightful that there is literally something for anyone and also that I hear something that isn't right for me because that means that it is perfect for someone else. However turning off is not so easy as one would think as my own inquisitivity wins you over, makes you stay listening and often makes one a fan of that show!”

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Phew! If you miss it catch it again on repeats - see schedule for details.

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