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IHP Mic'n' Barz Neon
Music and stories from the men that run the world's first prison run record label 

InHouse Records is the world’s first prison run record label. Working with young men in prison and after their release, it aspires to significantly reduce reoffending (which costs the UK Government £15 billion a year) and provide a creative community for those that have found solace in the production of great music. This podcast is a series of interviews with the men that are signed to the InHouse record label. Recorded over the phone during the lockdowns of 2020 and 21 we hear from these artists as they struggle with personal, creative and business challenges in an attempt to transform the world around them. Showcasing music released on the label we set out to explore the relationship between creativity and confinement. Produced and presented by Will Hood you can find out more about InHouse Records at

The 1st Sunday of the month at 5pm, repeated the following Monday at 2pm and Thursday 3pm

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